donderdag 6 september 2012

Expanding into freelance private tutoring

I've decided to branch off a little and try my hand at private tutoring!

Here's the gist of it: I aim to personally teach you any of the following skillsets

DP - Digital painting (Photoshop)
DS - Digital Sculpting (Zbrush)

I have my art tutorial series called "Art Stuff"
This series will hold all theory and information for free - always.

The private tutoring or mentorship is a feedback type thing. You will be "hiring" me to give personalised feedback and paintovers, honing to your personal weaknesses and strenghts. You can hire me for one paintovers, or we can do a longer term relationship with weekly assignments and feedback, which is probably a smarter idea.
All categories are highly customizable, so if you only want to learn the basics of anatomy, then that is fine. Prior to beginning lessons we'd communicate in as much detail as needed on what the subject matter should be. Examples of more specific areas:

DP - Concept art, illustration - composition, anatomy, colour theory, line art, b&w painting,    speedpainting, rendering, freelancing/marketing tips.

DS - Anatomy, rendering, detail-sculpting, game-related sculpting, speedsculpting, basemeshes,    decimation etc...

    Of course there can also be software package lessons, and each category can have a beginner or advanced approach. I can also approach the often overlooked psychological/mindset aspect and share insights into the industry, importance of contacts, discuss goals and strategies etc etc. These might be simply exchanging long mails with one another. Again you are simply hiring my time, and I would be sharing any info you want to know in your personal situation. There is no one course, so it's more of a ask-what-you-want-to-know sort of thing within the bounds of my personal skillset!

    Lessons are telecommute, video feedback and using e-mail, for pratical reasons.

    This may be specifically interesting for students at DAE (my old school) Who are struggling with a certain class, or aren't, but want to advance more rapidly than the school's rate. I've graduated at DAE so it is definitely beneficial to have a tutor who knows the people, assignments, and skills needed!

    All tutoring can of course be in both English and Dutch.

    You may think that I'm lacking that decade of experience, to start teaching - but I've come to realize that it is often more beneficial to have a tutor 2-3 years ahead, than a personal Donato Giancola. It's good to have someone who is in exactly the same boat, only a little bit further down the ocean, towing you closer.

    Applicants can mail me at Any questions whatsoever are welcome, no obligations of course. Note that not everyone will be accepted! If you are interested, please state what you'd like to learn in broad terms (at first), in what sort of timeframe, and perhaps some of your work so far, if you have any (if not, that is totally fine too) I'm hoping to see some dedicated people who want to learn!