maandag 12 december 2011

Overview & rundown videos of 2 paintings

Decided to get back into producing a few videos here and there.

Here's 2 after-the-fact rundowns (layer by layer) and talking a little about how I approached them and such. Feel free to comment with ideas for future videos - what would you like to see? More rundowns, realtime painting, fast forwarded with narration? etc. Comment, like, share, sub, favorite and all that jazz!

zondag 11 december 2011

Bunch of new environment paintings

Here's an update/collection of paintings so far I've been doing for an animated short project.
These paintings are supposed to be animated by layer at the end - and a voiceover narrative should pull the thing together. A lot of them are pretty loose - but I can't linger: the postproduction and even animation will probably suck up a lot of time. If I have any time left after that -- although unlikely -- I can easily go back and tighten up the paintings.