dinsdag 1 november 2011

Self portrait day 2011

Hey folks. Here's my self portrait for the international SP day 2011!

Bit different than usual - me as a baby. Babies are hard to paint. I'm not really satisfied with the end result (Especially in the thumbnail it looks off, which means there are fundamental errors), but either way, here's some steps:

Intial (quick) sketch. Still major proportion errors, but I will fix the big ones later on.

Here's a real-inthemiddleofit- shot of some colour blocking. I do this with the sketch on top (not shown in the image) With the sketch on top, it looks quite alright, almost like a comic book or cartoony portrait.

Now comes the time consuming detailing/rendering. A bit closer, still revising proportions every now and then. Focusing on the eyes mainly at first, but I still jump around relatively randomly to places in the image.


Major proportion review this time. Started selecting and moving around parts (the big benefit of digital painting) and fixing the seams it leaves.